This is an exciting time in your life!  You have either welcomed a new baby into the world or are about to.  During this time, you may have a few questions, hit a couple of "booby traps" or need an encouraging word.  I will join you on your breastfeeding journey to help and support you reach your breastfeeding goals, whether it be 2 weeks, 6 month, 1 year or beyond.

Our Clients


I was truly blessed to have Kirsten come to our home to help my daughter and I with a latch concern. I was so happy that I was able to produce milk  and feed my daughter, however it was such a painful latch.
When Kirsten arrived, she was caring, comforting and knowledgeable. She sat down with me and listened to my needs. After time talking and listening to me, we worked on my areas of need. She helped me latch without pain.
The great thing was, my baby and I were given tools to actual apply and understand after she had left . Some nurses or lactation consultants left my head spinning and confused. Kirsten made it so easy to do on our own. She gave me tools to use and practice.
I never felt uncomfortable or judged and she understood we all have our own schedule and needs and worked with those. I loved how she made sure I understood and comfortable while trying new techniques - she wanted to make sure that you were understanding what she was teaching. She was very thorough, relatable and saved me from pain and giving up on breastfeeding.
Another wonderful perk is that you can text her with questions anytime for as long as you need and she will get back to you.
I would strongly recommend Kirsten to help you with any latching or feeding issues you are experiencing. She not only knows her stuff, but she is kind, caring and wants to make sure you and baby are feeding properly and happy doing it. -R

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful for Kirsten's help. After doing everything the hospital lactation nurse suggested, I was still struggling with painful latching when I brought my newborn home. Within 30 minutes of asking for assistance, I was communicating with Kirsten. She immediately validated my concerns and started trouble shooting over the phone. Based on the baby's behavior, Kirsten was able to provide several new tips and techniques that provided almost immediate relief. Kirsten also explained why the baby was having trouble latching and how the new techniques would correct the issues. Understanding the context really helped me make the adjustments. Kirsten followed up with me over the next few days, answering questions and addressing a few new issues. Everything feels so desperate in those first postpartum days; having Kirsten's support was a life saver! Nursing a newborn can be incredibly difficult at times, so it's important to have a strong support system. I highly recommend Kirsten to any nursing mother (or supportive spouse!) - K.W.